Sustainable & Circular Policy 

We design a new alliance between environment and human behavior, nourishing respectful science and good chemistry.

Environmental Issues in Wet End Cycle

Environmental Issues in Wet End Cycle

The competitive advantage lies in the development and expansion of the value chain. In the past the value proposition was merely an economic advantage for the Customer: price or process (cost optimization). More recently the relational and co-operative aspect was strengthened through the development of tailor-made products (production chain). 

The intensification of the Customer/Supplier co-operation allows the sharing of process parameters, chemicals involved in the wet end cycle, engineering and energy evaluations. Customers assess the impact of our solutions in a circular and accurate form. 

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) development enables to highlight all these aspects and to evaluate different environmental categories through a certificated methodology and databases. We are investing in tools and formation of practitioners  to assist our Customer in the evaluation of the impact of our hydrocolloids compared to the standard chemical used on many different environmental categories.